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Hello and Welcome to iHera.eu design and development team site.

We are small group of professionals that enjoy creativity and want to make some small but pretty and handsome apps in our free time.

Our applications are unique by their nature, because we invents every single element of them, we do not copy competition, we create ideas that sooner or later our competitors borrows from us.

Hera starts as online fertility calendar in 2005 and now has almost 100000 registrations. In iPhone era we decided to create offline application for those that have this awesome device.

Parent Notes is a symptoms and temperature tracking application that help parents when their kids are ill. Idea is unique and all features and screens are designed and invented from our team.

Stef, Doni, & Dobri


New version 2.1 for Hera is now available at App Store:

This version address the issue with iOS 6 support that causes application to crash during launch in case you use access key.

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New version 2.0 for Parent Notes is submitted to App Store:

Stability improved (edit record area)
iOS6 and iPhone 5 support
Reminders replaced with notifications

Please do not report issues inside reviews - use "Send email" in "About" screen to contact us.



Hera for iPhone


Hera is a personal calendar for every woman in fertile age.
It is discreet, simple, powerful, innovative, well organized and full with unique features application that keep track of your periods, fertile symptoms, pregnancy attempts and many more.
Hera features a set of unique charts that are designed to help you and your doctor see and analyze your fertility data.
With its unique user interface Hera makes tracking of your fertility data easy, quick and effortless.

Very short list of features:
- Calendar outlook with single day summary
- Moon phase calendar
- Fertility symptoms tracking
- Personal weight tracking & chart
- BBT tracking & chart
- Ovulation symptoms and tests tracking
- Pregnancy attempts section (track all types of pregnancy tests)
- Assisted reproduction medications and intervention tracking (IUI and IVF cycle)
- Medication and Vitamins tracking
- Fertility and Weight charts (in landscape mode)
- Periods list & charts (in landscape mode)
- Compare two periods’ BBT charts on the screen
- Flat view (year outlook) of your periods
- Charts of statistics for all period characteristics - period length, luteal phase, bleeding days.
- Data protection with personal 4 digit access key
- Imperial/Metric system support for height, weight and temperature
- ... and many more!

Send your feedback and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write a review in the App Store.

app store link

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Parent Notes for iPhone

Parent Notes Icon

When my kids get fever, I usually use a pen and paper to make notes of their current body temperature and to ensure that I won’t forget at what time what medicine they need to take.
This whole thing becomes a nightmare when both my kids are sick at the same time. Without this small sheet of paper, I am completely lost for sure.
One night, sitting at the bedside of my sick kids, I came up with the idea to create an application that would help parents taking care of their children.
From the app I expect:
1. To keep records for more than one person (just like a sheet of paper, where you turn over the page and you have place for a second person).
2. To include data about:
- Current time
- Current body temperature
- Medications given
- Medical examination
- Text notes, i.e. what the doctor said during the medical examination or what the current condition of the child is.
3. To separate and group data for the different cases
4. To have a reminder about the next due measurement of the body temperature.
5. To be able to draw basic charts of the body temperature.
6. And, of course, to have some little features like:
- speed
- cool look
- ease to use
- DARK background colors, because parents usually do these things during the night.

"Parent Notes" is precisely this and I am pretty sure that if you’ve ever been in a similar situation, you will know what I mean.

app store link

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